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"Tamara Fruit" CJSC was established in 2002. It is the first enterprise in Armenia producing deep frozen fruit & vegetables & organic food. Besides "Tamara Fruit" produces wide range of conventional juices, compotes, nectars, jams preserved vegetables & fruits.

With it's production the company tries to lighten the work of human, which evidence is the production popularity among people. The company doesn't limit to represent it's production only in local market, but activelly exports its products to foreign markets.

The company also produces wide range of organic products & our certification body is Ecoglobe LTD - German DAP accredited.


The certificate was issued in 2009 July on the basis of green caucasus "Standart for production, proccessing, labeling and marketing of organically produced food" which is equivalent to the requirements of regulation (EC) No. 834/2008 and Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 and corresponds to IFOAM, Codex Alimentarius organic norms.

Company has also ISO 22000:2005 certificate and HACCP Attestation.    

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